Music Barn 2022

Well we did it!

Music Barn ’22 went ahead on 17th and 18th June.

We faced some massive challenges this year. This year following the pandemic has been particularly tough for the events and festival industry. Although people have started to go out again there seems to a general malaise across the sector. Maybe its a fear of Covid returning or maybe people have changed the way they seek entertainment, attendance this time was lower around than we have seen for many years.

We also moved to a new site! As you may remember the old site with the barns was sold and so rather than closing the festival for good we found a new one, this time it was in an old ironstone quarry! It is a beautiful site, a natural amphitheatre and so perfect to put on a gig.

Our stages were headlined by some truly amazing acts. Sleeper and The Hoosiers lead the main stage on Friday and Saturday respectively while Mark Morriss of the Bluetones and Shaka Loves You headed things up in the Forge Space. The dance stage was busy on weekend with stand out sets from Lottie, Seb Fontaine and Carly Wilford.


And finally the weather! The Friday afternoon was perfect – sunshine all day with a cooling breeze to keep the punters happy. However, on Saturday the heavens opened and we were treated to that classic British festival weather. We have so much respect for all of you who braved it and supported us in our new direction.

So the question remains…

Will the Music Barn return in 2023? If you want to see us back again why not drop us a note to show your support –