Summer 2017

Early Bird Tickets Selling Fast!

We know times are tough - that's why we are offering you the chance to get tickets for this year's Music Barn Festival on 29th June 2024 for a little less than our standard entry price.     For just £35 you get full access…

Music Barn Festival 2023

Well that was pretty good wasn't it? The weather was perfect, the cold drinks were flowing and the music was on point.  Did you get to come to the Music Barn festival in 2023?  No... well make sure you catch us next time around.  Here are…

Local Legend DJ OP1 returns to the Festival

Local hero and turntablist extraordinaire returns to the Music Barn festival in 2023.  We caught up with him for a chat about his influences and how he creates his sets: Hey Robin, Thanks for agreeing to chat to us ahead of your set…

The Music Barn meets Rosalie Cunningham

(Originally posted on the Muddy Stilettos website. She’s a prog rock goddess with a stage persona that will blow you away but don’t…

Music Barn Festival 2023 dates announced!

We have our next installment of the Music Barn festival set to begin on 9th and 10th June 2023. The Music Barn Festival started with a group of friends putting on a party in some old barns to raise money for local charity. Charitable donation…

Halloween Party returns in 2022

Have you been missing our Halloween events? Never fear we now have our first Halloween since 2019 due to land at the end of October

Music Barn 2022

Well we did it! Music Barn '22 went ahead on 17th and 18th June.

Hauswerks Interview!

Who is Hauswerks? House Producer and DJ Colin Barrett AKA Hauswerks
Louise Wener of Sleeper

Louise Wener Interview!

We caught with the one and only Louise Wener, lead singer of Sleeper, ahead of their performance at the Music Barn 22.
Summer 2017

Environmental Review 2022

We are striving to do our bit for the environment. Find out what measures we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint.